Used IT is becoming social and green: Lechler cooperates with non-profit IT company AfB

To optimize work processes, Lechler GmbH, Metzingen, Europe's No. 1 in nozzle technology, regularly renews IT devices such as notebooks, monitors and smartphones. But where to go with the decommissioned technology, which for the most part is still fully functional?

Award from AfB From left to right: Daniel Krestel (Lechler Purchasing), Fiona Hunter (AfB), Elisabeth Bräuer (Lechler IT), Tobias Negwer (AfB)

Lechler has found a social and ecological solution in partnership with AfB (Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung): Europe's first non-profit IT service provider is protecting the environment by recycling disused hardware and at the same time creating jobs for people with disabilities. About 45% of AfB employees have a disability.

Partnership with added value

Last year, around 210 Lechler devices were taken out of service and handed over to AfB. The data on the hard disks was certified deleted by AfB, so that they are no longer recoverable. Usable devices are prepared, loaded with new software and sold again with guarantee. Electronics that can no longer be used are professionally disassembled, recycled and returned to the raw materials market. This process reduces both the amount of electronic waste and the number of new productions. This saves CO2 and avoids resource depletion.

For this, Lechler received an official certificate, which Elisabeth Bräuer (Lechler IT) and Daniel Krestel (Lechler Einkauf) received from Fiona Jäger and Tobias Negwer (both AfB). As a result, AfB received a larger number of smartphones for reprocessing, which are transported in a specially secured plastic box.

The environmental savings can be fairly accurately quantified: The partnership between Lechler and AfB saved 9,107 kg iron equivalents, 6,773 kg CO2 equivalents and 21,947 kWh of energy. The latter corresponds approximately to the average annual consumption of almost 10 two-person households. In addition, the cooperation secures the jobs of people with disabilities. AfB's vision: to create 500 jobs in the long term for people with disabilities in the IT sector.

This is also a great benefit for all Lechler employees, as the employees in the AfB online shops can purchase any hardware at a reduced price due to the generous distribution of the hardware by Lechler.