MeshClean+: Cleaning power, hygiene and process reliability

Powerful cleaning jets, a consistently hygienic design, process reliability and a very long service life make the MeshClean+ the first choice when it comes to efficiently cleaning medium to large tanks with persistent soiling.

Lechler high impact tank cleaning machine MeshClean+, series 5T5

Key Features of the new MeshClean+

Key Features of the MeshClean+
Technical details MeshClean+

Functional properties of the new MeshClean+

The high impact tank cleaning machines of the MeshClean+ series are assigned to cleaning efficiency class 5 and are designed for removing persistent soiling in medium to large tanks.

The spray head of this gear-controlled high impact tank cleaning machine is driven by the cleaning liquid. The patented spur gear not only ensures the correct speed, but also sufficient torque and therefore process reliability. The simple, open-flow design makes the spur gear particularly hygienic and extremely robust.

The specially developed solid jet nozzles of the MeshClean+ also achieve first-class cleaning results where other cleaning nozzles come up against their limits. The carefully coordinated kinematics ensure optimum interaction between speed and cleaning pattern. The result is a reliable, efficient and fast cleaning process.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the MeshClean+ can be used up to 150 °C and is therefore even suitable for use with steam.

With this performance profile, the MeshClean+ is predestined for use in the food and beverage industry as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Perfect adds for the MeshClean+

Lechler offers the following add-ons for the MeshClean+ to cope with special tasks and installation situations:

  • HygienicFit: Our "Perfect Match" for tank cleaning nozzles. It was specially developed for the hygienic connection of Lechler tank cleaning nozzles. The adapter is welded directly to the supply line so that the rotating cleaning nozzles and the adapter form a clean unit. More
  • Rotation monitoring sensor: Cleaning processes can be easily and reliably monitored with the Lechler rotation monitoring sensor. More

Perfect adds for the MeshClean+: HygienicFit (left) and rotation monitoring sensor
Perfect adds for the MeshClean+: HygienicFit (left) and rotation monitoring sensor



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