XactClean HP 2 now available in alloy 22

The proven and popular rotating cleaning nozzle from cleaning efficiency class 4, XactClean HP 2, is now also available in alloy 22 (2.4602). This makes the XactClean HP 2 now also suitable for highly corrosive environmental conditions.

XactClean HP 2 now available in alloy 22

Specially developed flat jet nozzles on the XactClean HP 2 ensure high impact and uniform cleaning. This is enhanced by its controlled and slow rotation and enables an efficient cleaning process.

The XactClean HP 2 in alloy 22 can now also be used in production processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as highly corrosive raw materials or product components are often processed here and this material can resist harsh environmental conditions.

Features XactClean HP 2:

  • Flat fan nozzle with high impact
  • Uniform cleaning
  • High efficiency due to controlled rotation
  • High operating reliability thanks to robust drive unit

Sprühbild XactClean HP 2
Spray pattern XactClean HP 2

Functional video XactClean HP 2



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