Spray drones with IDK 90-025C

An innovative solution for the application of plant protection products in steep slope viticulture is now available: Spray drones, officially approved by the JKI.

Spray drone with drift reduced Lechler agricultural nozzles

The newly developed spray drones, especially designed for the requirements of steep slope viticulture, are equipped with drift reduced Lechler Air-Injector compact flat spray nozzles IDK 90-025C as standard nozzles.

Spray drones can be used as an alternative to manually carried out plant protection measures such as knapsack or hose spraying. With a span width of approx. 2.5 m and a working width of 3 m, the spray drone uses radar sensors to detect the terrain and regulates the flight altitude accordingly in real time during the automatic overflight. Its flying speed of up to 12.8 km/h in automatic mode allows the treatment of one hectare of vines in about 15 minutes.

In the future, spray drones will make it easier for winegrowers to protect plants in steep and impassable terrain – and turn them into "spray pilots", so to speak.

Spray drone with drift reduced Lechler agricultural nozzlesSpray drone (shown in the middle of the picture) with Lechler agricultural nozzle technology when spraying vines on steep slopes.

Benefits of spray drones for spraying:

  • Targeted plant protection to control pests with e.g. fungicides in rough terrain. Approx. 80% of manual spraying with knapsack or hose spraying can be replaced by the spray drone.
  • High drift reduction with IDK 90-025C by up to 90% compared to the base value.
  • Reduction of the high physical strain on the winegrowers in steep terrain.
  • Reduction of the cost-intensive, high labour input in viticulture sections.
  • Contribution to maintaining the management of  steep slope vineyards and their competitiveness.
Spray drone with IDK 90-025C nozzles

Spray drone with IDK 90-025C nozzles

  • Span width: approx. 2.5 m
  • Working width: 3 m
  • Flying speed: up to 12.8 km/h
Lechler IDK 90-025C nozzles on a spray drone

Lechler IDK 90-025C nozzles in use on a spray drone

  • Air-Injector flat spray compact nozzle
  • Very low-drift, compact air-injector flat spray nozzle
  • Spay angle 90°
  • JKI Certificate

Participants in the development of spray drones

  • State Education and Research Institute for Viticulture and Pomology Weinsberg (LVWO Weinsberg, Germany)
  • droneparts GmbH, Hessigheim (Germany)
  • Dronexperts (Business division of bertsch:design GmbH, Hessigheim/Germany)

Official testing and recognition as a plant protection device was carried out by the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) in Quedlinburg.

The project was supported and funded by the Ministry of Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg and the European Commission.

A winery from Mundelsheim and the cooperatives from Lauffen a.N. in Württemberg and Glottertal in southern Baden were also involved.

Spray drones with drift reduced Lechler agricultural nozzlesSpray drone type DJI Agras T16 on an experimental area of the State Education and Research Institute for Viticulture and Pomology Weinsberg, Germany (LVWO Weinsberg/Germany). Development team (from left to right): Martin Joos and Dr. Manuel Becker (LVWO Weinsberg/Germany), Mischa Kohnen (droneparts), Johannes Bertsch (Dronexperts).


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