Corn cultivation: A good start counts

Corn needs good starting conditions and therefore effective control of weeds is essential. Double flat fan nozzles IDKT and IDTA enable a spray shadow free application of herbicides.

Maisanbau: Ein guter Start ist alles.

In case of late emerging respectively problematic weeds, application with DroplegUL by use of FT 140 flood nozzles can be performed corn compatible avoiding crop damage. Finally, it is an underleaf application in corn avoiding chlorosis, stop of growth and yield depression especially under unfavourable wheather conditions.

Optimal nitrogen supply and efficacy in corn can be realized with a late liquid fertilizer application in V8 to V10 (growth stage of 8 to 10 leaves). Hence N-uptake is approx. 80%. DroplegUL in combination with the Y-kit make a crop gentile application possible. The liquid fertilizer is deposited as a band along the corn row. Nitrogen is immediately available for uptake. DroplegUL represents a professional and effective technique. The main characteristic is a stable guidance in the canopy avoiding floating even under high forward speeds. Therefore no burning on leaves and damage on corn occurs.