Accessories for agricultural nozzles

In addition to your nozzle selection we offer a wide range of accessories. Here you will find matching bayonet caps, nozzle holders, filters and more for your nozzles. Useful tools to assist in the application of crop protection nozzles are also included in our range of accessories.

Accessories for Lechler agricultural nozzles

Overview of accessories

Mounting kit liquid pickling

For the uniform, all-round effective wetting of the potatoes. Reliable and easy to retrofit.


Bayonet caps for MULTIJET and non-Lechler origin intermediate and extension adaptor

Various bayonet caps for MULTIJET multiple-way nozzle holder systems, for third-party product as well as different intermediate and extension adapters.



Assembly of cleaning nozzles without entering the tank. For a simple, fast and safe exchange of cleaning nozzles in the tank.



Constant pressure valve for backpack sprayers to keep the flow at the nozzle constant – independent of pressure.



Underleaf spraying system for broadcast and row applications.

Video DroplegUL (only German version avalibale)

Flyer DroplegUL


Y-Kit for DroplegUL

Spraying system for particularly gentle late top dressing in row crops with fertilizer placement directly on the plant.


Nozzle aligner

Mounting key for adjusting the nozzle alignment. Suitable for all standard nozzles to facilitate the nozzle alignment in the holder of the field sprayer.


Electric Border Nozzle Kit

Very compact, electric 3-way valve for easy retro fittingat the sprayer, integrated nozzle bodies, switchable from the tractor seat.

Video Electric Border Nozzle Kit


ESV (Electrical Stop Valve)

Electrical Stop Valve to control individual nozzles in a field spray boom. Greater precision, saving on plant protection products and liquid fertilizers, protection of the environment, as well as the simple cabling, upgrade on excisting booms and automatic self-configuration of all the valves are only some of the many advantages of the Lechler ESV.

Video ESV


FIXLOC Lever couplings

FIXLOC Lever couplings with NPT- and BSP-threads. (BS21 respectively DIN EN 10226)


Ball check valves and nozzle strainers

Various ball valves and nozzle strainers with color coding for filters and check valves according to ISO 19732:2007.


Pressure gauges

Pressure gauge with 63 mm or 100 mm housing and scaling according to EN 12761.


PSV (Pneumatic Stop Valve) with single nozzle holder

Single nozzle holder with pneumatic control. For plant protection and liquid fertilization with field sprayers.


Pumps and ball valves

Pumps with different motor versions as well as 2-way and 3-way ball valves with different connection threads.


Hose connectors

Various hose shank connectors and magnetic valves for hose connections.


Spray frame

3 nozzle fork for uniform spraying and penetration of row crops.


Top Flow II

Electro-magnetic flow meter with display of overall volume and volume flow.


Droplet-size / dosage calculator

Slide rule with selection of the application rate and travel speed for the simple and fast determination of the optimum nozzle type and nozzle size regarding the corresponding application.


VarioSelect / VarioSelect II – 2- and 4-way nozzle holder

2-way or 4-way nozzle holder with pneumatic control for variable application rate control. For variable site-adapted crop protection, growth regulator and UAN applications.


Relocation kit nozzle holder

Row with adaption (e.g. corn 0.75 cm row spacing) with relocation kit nozzle holder.

Assembly to wet boom
1/2" (20 – 22 mm),
3/4" (25 – 28 mm) on request


Water sensitive paper

Test paper strip with special coating turning blue on contact with water. Best for checking the stock penetration, drop density and coating structure.



Pocketwind anemometers are useful farmer's helpers for measuring e. g. humidity, wind speed, temperature or wind direction.