Nozzles for Fertilizer Applications

Liquid fertilizers can be easily applied with specially adapted technology from Lechler. Nozzles, the dropleg and hose drops systems ensure an exact, uniform and precise distribution of the liquid fertilizer. Your economic success in the use of liquid fertilizers can thus be improved and secured.

Nozzle overview

Liquid fertilizer nozzles FD

The FD nozzle is a flat spray nozzle with horizontal spray pattern for uniform cross-distribution.

Liquid fertilizer nozzles FD

Pre-emergence flat spray nozzle PRE

The pre-emergence nozzle PRE is an extremely low-drift flat spray nozzle for timely application of pre-emergence herbicides.

Pre-emergence flat spray nozzles PRE

Liquid fertilizer nozzle FS

The liquid fertilizer nozzle FS is an orifice nozzle with vertical spray pattern for application with all boom types.

Liquid fertilizer nozzle FS

5-orifice nozzles FL

The FL nozzle is a five-orifice nozzle with horizontal spray formation.

5-orifice nozzles FL

Hose drop system 5S and 5SL

The hose drop system 5S / 5SL is a flexible hose drop system with weight loaded 5-orifice tip for late liquid fertilizer application.

Hose drop system 5S and 5SL

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Accessories for agricultural nozzles

In addition, we offer an extensive range of accessories such as bayonet caps, nozzle holders, filters as well as means to support you in the application of crop protection nozzles.

Accessories for agriculture nozzles

Nozzles for special applications

Nozzles for special applications like e.g. special nozzles for edge treatment, underleaf treatment, belt spraying, induction hoppers, for garden areas and many more.

Nozzles for Special Applications


Frequently asked questions about the use of Lechler agricultural nozzles and nozzle systems and the corresponding answers.

FAQs for agriculture