Full cone nozzles

It is differentiated between axial full cone nozzles and tangential full cone nozzles. Axial full-cone nozzles achieve a uniform distribution of liquid over a circular area. Tangential full cone nozzles work without swirling and are therefore particularly non-clogging.

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Groups of series

Lechler axial-flow full cone nozzle

Axial-flow full cone nozzles

Lechler full cone nozzles have an extraordinarily uniform liquid distribution over the whole circular impact area. The high precision of distribution is achieved by orienting the liquid inlet to the centre of the swirl chamber of the nozzle. The optimized x-style swirl insert ensures a high operating safety due to its large free cross-sections.

Axial-flow full cone nozzles

Tangential-flow full cone nozzles

Tangential-flow full cone nozzles are, for instance, particularly suited for closedcircuit spraying of liquids with a high quota of solid matter, or for fire fighting applications. The atomizing fluid is tangentially supplied to a swirl chamber, where it is put into rotation. Tangential-flow full cone nozzles are free of swirl inserts. Hence, they are not at all prone to clogging. The full cone spray is obtained with the aid of specially arranged grooves, milled into the nozzle bottom, which cause an adequate part of the rotating liquid flow to diverge to the center of the swirl chamber. Thereby, an extremely uniform area distribution of the sprayed liquid is achieved.

Tangential-flow hollow cone nozzles
Lechler Bündeldüsen

Cluster head nozzles

Cluster head nozzles achieve a very large surface of the sprayed liquid by adding various finely atomizing single nozzles. Whenever a fine fog-like full cone atomization with relatively large flow rates is necessary, e.g. gas exchange processes, steam cooling or dust suppression, Lechler cluster head nozzles have decisive advantages: overlapping hollow cones form a fine full cone atomization with an increased droplet surface area. These very fine droplets cannot be achieved by a single-orifice spray nozzle of the same flow rate size. The increased droplet surface area of the atomized liquid provides great efficiency in gas treatment and cooling applications.

Cluster head nozzles
Lechler deflector-plate nozzles

Deflector-plate nozzles

Lechler deflector-plate nozzles are non-clogging nozzles without swirl inserts. It is VDS approved and can be used for fire fighting and broadcast spraying.

Deflector-plate nozzles