Support for Agriculture

For agricultural technology, Lechler offers working aids that support you in optimizing the use of nozzles in crop protection or liquid fertilization. Thus, more efficiency, cost savings and environmentally friendly output are possible.

Lechler support agriculture

Lechler support for agriculture at a glance

Lechler Agriculture Apps


Lechler Agriculture Apps helping you to select the right nozzle type.

Apps for Agriculture
Nozzle calculators

Nozzle calculators

Lechler agriculture online calculation and conversion programs to help you to choose the right nozzle type.

Nozzle Calculators for Agriculture
Nozzle recommendations

Nozzle recommendations

Our nozzle recommendations will help you choose the most effective and efficient nozzle for different cultures.

Nozzle recommendations for agriculture
Spray tables

Spray tables

Quickly find the right output quantity, nozzle size or pressure range for your application.

Spraytables for agriculture
Assembly and maintenance instructions

Assembly and maintenance instructions

Assembly and maintenance instructions for our range of agricultural nozzles and nozzle systems.

Agricultural industry
Drift-and-loss-reducing technology

Drift-and-loss-reducing technologies

High percentage drift-and-loss-reduction with Lechler agricultural nozzles: place the active ingredients at the point of action as safely and effectively as possible without loss.

Drift-and-loss-reducing Technologies for agriculture