Lechler maintenance kit for
IntenseClean Hygienic 5TB

To ensure that your high impact tank cleaning machine IntenseClean Hygienic 5TB works permanently and efficiently, we recommend – depending on the operating conditions – corresponding maintenance intervals. However, maintenance should be carried out after 300 operating hours at the latest. With correspondingly harsh operating conditions, the time until maintenance can be shortened accordingly.

Lechler maintenance kit for IntenseClean Hygienic 5TB

Scope of maintenance kit for
IntenseClean Hygienic 5TB

The installation tool is required for the first maintenance.
Therefore the assembly tool package for the first maintenance includes assembly tools and maintenance parts.

Lechler original assembly tool package including maintenance parts. Order number: 5TB.400.

- Assembly tool
- Seal kit
- Gear units

As the assembly tools can be reused, ordering the maintenance parts is sufficient for further maintenance.

Lechler original maintenance parts order number: 5TB.400.

- Sealing kit
- Gearing units

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