Lechler Service Offers

Your systems should work permanently and efficiently. We therefore recommend maintenance after 500 operating hours at the latest. In order to enable the shortest possible off-time for your system, Lechler has two offers for you which guarantee the prompt re-commissioning of your container cleaning products. We will be happy to advise you personally which way is the right one for you.

1_Lechler Full-Service
You send the nozzle to Lechler for maintenance

  • Download the return form and complete it.
  • Send the completed return form to the following e-mail address service(at)lechler.de.
  • Upon receipt of the return form, we will contact you and inform you of the address to which you may send your nozzle.
  • The price for maintenance is 235 € net per nozzle.

2_Lechler maintenance kit
You maintain the nozzle yourself

  • Order the Lechler maintenance kit with the order number 5S2.000.1Y.00.50.0 by phone (contact address see below) or via E-Mail.
  • Order the Lechler assembly tool with the order number 05S. if you do not have it yet.
  • With the order confirmation of the maintenance kit you will receive the download link to the maintenance manual.
  • The price for the maintenance kit (usable once per nozzle) is 164,34 € net.
    The assembly tool (reusable) costs 42,50 € net.

Contact for further information and order acceptance

Service Division General IndustryPhone +49 7123 962-0Fax +49 7123 962-444service(at)lechler.de