There are more than 100 materials for you to choose from

Your requirements determine the nozzle material. Depending on the application, specific operational and application conditions require, for example, robust, lightweight or food-suitable nozzles.

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Brass nozzles are still used in many processes, e. g. for low pressure and humidification processes.

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Stainless steel

The use of chemically and thermally resistant stainless steels such as Hastelloy, titanium, tantalum as well as plastics like PVC, PP, PVDF and Teflon is necessary for aggressive atomizing fluids or operation in corrosive surroundings.

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Silicon carbide

In case of high demands on wear resistance, we provide you with precision nozzles made of hardened stainless steel, hard metals, oxide ceramics or silicon carbide.

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Plastic material

Many nozzles in our portfolio are available in high-quality thermoplastic materials. These nozzles are injection-molded on modern, process-controlled machines.