Ground care

The right nozzle for every ground care task.

Ground care is performed on golf courses and sports grounds, on traffic areas, at airports or at riding arena floors in the sense of an optimal utilization possibility and / or for maintenance. Using different nozzle technology, the various ground care tasks are solved.

Ground care

Ground care includes the entire public green area (such as parks), traffic areas (such as track systems, airports, and roads), as well as golf courses, sports grounds and riding arena floors. The applications are correspondingly so different and versatile. They include weed control, pest control, dust suppression and the de-icing of surfaces. The equipment used covers a wide range including simple backpack sprayers and high-tech equipment for airport de-icing. When considering the sometimes substantial use of sprays, the factors efficiency, durability and cost control play a prominent role, especially in ground care. Our broad, solution-oriented portfolio, ensure the best-suited nozzle is available for every task.

Ground care applications

Ground care on golf courses

Golf courses and sports grounds

Tasks with the ground care of golf courses and sports grounds are plant protection, liquid fertilization and irrigation.

Suitable nozzles:

Traffic area care

Traffic areas and airports

De-icing and dust suppression are the main tasks when it comes to surface care of traffic areas and airports.

Suitable nozzles:

Riding arena floors care

Riding arena floors

The wetting of riding surfaces is the primary task when it comes to the surface care of riding surfaces.

Suitable nozzles:

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