As much as necessary, as little as possible.

Lechler precision nozzles ensure achievement of the maximum effect with the least possible effort - for higher yields at lower costs and the best possible environmental protection.

Modern plant protection is more than the use of environmentally friendly sprays. Above all, it is a question of precision. Lechler is the leading supplier of loss-reducing nozzle technology. Our nozzles allow exact dosing and uniform coverage. They avoid losses due to drifting, beading or evaporation. Because every nozzle contains not only the experience of more than 140 years of nozzle development, but also the know-how of leading agricultural scientists and the latest research results. Lechler nozzles therefore multiply the positive effects of plant protection and liquid fertilisation. They provide lower costs with higher yields, are available at short notice and thus quickly available.

When it comes to container cleaning, Lechler nozzles are the decisive factor for the efficient rinsing and cleaning processes in the shortest possible time. Therefore users gain time and flexibility.

Also when it comes to surface care Lechler offers the optimal solutions for each application. They range from golf course maintenance to the de-icing of traffic areas.


Agriculture in motion

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The Lechler product portfolio for agriculture at glance.


Crop production

Crop Production

Efficient nozzle technology for field crops, wine and orchard cultivation and horticulture.

Ground care

Ground care

Efficient ground care on golf courses and sports grounds, traffic areas, airports or riding arena floors.

Agriculture container and tank cleaning

Agricultural container and tank cleaning

Efficient agriculture container and tank cleaning in plant protection technology, animal husbandry and winery technology.


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