IDKS 80 nozzles: JKI approval for banding in orchards, vineyards and speciality crops

Several nozzle sizes of the Lechler IDKS 80 Air-injector off center compact nozzle have received the JKI approval in the drift reduction class 90% for two sided banding (herbicide application) in orchards, vineyards hop growing and speciality crops. The regulations of use in the 90% drift reduction class allow a spray pressure of 1 – 3 bar for the IDKS 80-025 to -04 respectively of 1 – 6 bar for the IDKS 80-06.

Lechler IDKS 80 Air-Injektor Kompakt-Schrägstrahldüsen: JKI Anerkennung für die Unterstockbehandlung im Obst- und Weinbau sowie Sonderkulturen

In the JKI list of approved nozzles IDKS 80 low-drift, compact air-injector off center nozzles for border application and banding have received listing under the following approval numbers:

  • IDKS 80-025 – G2142
  • IDKS 80-03 – G2140
  • IDKS 80-04 – G2141
  • IDKS 80-05– G2139
  • IDKS 80-06 – G2143

Band spraying in orchards/vineyards

Technical features of IDKS 80:

  • Asymmetrical spray pattern (20°/60° to axis)
  • Precise edge application along boundaries
  • Optimum protection of fruit crop during herbicide application avoiding spray drift
  • Suitable for use with 12 V electro pumps

Determination of nozzle size, spray pressure and applied l/ha rate as a function of sprayer speed, row distance and spray band is recommended to do with the Lechler App.