Lechler FT 90-03 POM Flood Nozzles: 90% drift reduction for band spraying in arable crops

As a manufacturer of agricultural nozzles for plant protection, Lechler focuses on technical solutions for drift reduction. Flood nozzle FT 90-03 has received JKI approval in the 90% drift reduction class for band spraying in arable crops.

Lechler FT 90-03 POM Zungendüsen: 90% Abdriftminderung für Bandspritzung im Ackerbau

Technical features of FT 90-03:

  • Flat spray nozzle with rectangular liquid distribution
  • Clog-resistant due to large, round flow cross-sections
  • Self cleaning of jet forming area
  • Compact design
  • Jet build-up already from 1 bar
  • High drift reduction thanks to integrated pre-chamber

In the JKI list of approved nozzles FT 90-03 POM has received listing under approval number G2086.  The flat spray nozzle in the design of a flood nozzle has a rectangular spray pattern, which is prerequisite for band and row spraying in arable crops. Regulations allow the use of the nozzle in the 90% drift reduction class at spray pressures of 1.0 to 4.0 bar with spray heights between nozzle and target of 10 cm to 40 cm.


  • Band applications in row crops:
    • Band and hooded sprayers
    • Potato planters
    • Boom sprayers
    • DroplegUL application within canopy
    • Knapsack sprayer
  • DroplegUL application below flowering level in rape seed

Band and row application (left) and furrow treatment in potato planting machines

Determination of nozzle size, spray pressure and applied l/ha rate as a function of sprayer speed, row distance and spray band is recommended to do with the Lechler App.