Lechler is your partner in Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Pharmaceuticals Industries

Lechler Range of Tank Cleaning Nozzles for Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Pharmaceuticals

As Europe's no.1 in spray technology, Lechler delivers precisely dosed liquids to the right place in the right form. With over 25,000 nozzle variants, we enable optimization in a wide variety of industries, processes and applications from snow cannons to steelworks and cruise ships to industry and agriculture.

Cleaning Nozzles for every container and tank size

Companies all over the world in a wide range of industries rely on Lechler tank and equipment cleaning nozzles for thorough cleaning of all kinds of tank sizes, machines and equipment. The Lechler tank and equipment cleaning nozzle range features innovative drive concepts, state-of-the-art nozzle design as well as a large choice of sizes and materials. The scope of our portfolio is unique to the market and offers the perfect solution for every application.

Lechler (India) Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be a supply partner to the leading Indian Pharma companies such as Adam Fabriwerk Pvt. Ltd. for Covid 19 projects to supply Spinner range of tank cleaning nozzles in CIP applications for Vaccines and Sterile injectable.

Free-spinning “Spinners”

The cleaning fluid drives the spray head through specially positioned nozzles. The rapidly repeated impacts remove the soil and rinse it from the tank surface, resulting in optimum cleaning efficiency at low pressures in small to medium-sized tanks.

Cleaning Efficiency Class 2

Rotating Cleaning Nozzle “MicroSpinner”Rotating Cleaning Nozzle “MiniSpinner”

Rotating Cleaning Nozzle “MicroSpinner”

Rotating Cleaning Nozzle “MiniSpinner”

The innovative slot design gives the MicroSpinner and MiniSpinner its high degree of effectiveness. Due to the modern bearing construction, it is particularly reliable and durable. Spinners are made entirely from stainless steel and designed for use also at high temperatures. Apart from stainless steel, it is also available in Hastelloy and in many flow rates.

Your Benefits:

  • No risks, restrictions and costs related to manual tank cleaning
  • Modern nozzle technology cuts cleaning fluid consumption and reduces downtimes
  • The cleaning process is trouble-free, repeatable and verifiable
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