Lechler Social Day – Hands-on for a good cause

"Working together" – this was the motto of the first Lechler Social Day on 19.06.2024, where Lechler employees got engaged for the common good of society. In cooperation with the Mehrwert agency, the Lechler team got actively involved in the nearby WIM House of the Bruderhaus Diakonie in Metzingen-Neuhausen (Germany).

Lechler Social Day 2024 A great team: the WIM residents and employees of Bruderhaus Diakonie and Lechler GmbH.

On this day, 21 employees of Lechler GmbH helped to implement social projects together with the WIM House as corporate volunteers. Managing Director Patrick Muff was delighted by the great willingness and active participation from all company divisions, and he also thanked the project team, who had organized the day with great commitment and passion.

Patrick Muff and Heinz Gerstlauer from the Lechler Foundation both emphasized that social commitment has always been deeply rooted in the corporate culture. Through the Lechler Foundation, social and charitable commitment has long been part of the corporate philosophy. The foundation supports numerous projects and is actively committed to the common good. As long as 150 years ago, Paul Lechler suggested to his father that 10 percent of his company's profits should be used for social purposes. It is all the more pleasing that this commitment has been continued to this day and that the Lechler Foundation has been implementing the social commitment of entrepreneur Paul Lechler since 1928. "Creating together, coming together. This helps us all move forward and offers added value for both sides, for the WIM House and for Lechler," said Klaus Fischer from the regional management of Bruderhaus Diakonie, summing up the success of the Lechler Social Day.

With this in mind, the WIM residents and employees of the Bruderhaus Diakonie got to work together. Over the course of the day, a new garden shed was built to replace the outdated one. A cozy lounge made of pallet furniture and a wide sun lounger were built for the terrace of the WIM House. Immediately after completion, both were enthusiastically used by the residents. At the same time as sanding, painting and scarfing down the seating, the residents also painted two birdhouses in bright colors. On the previously rather bleak roof terrace, a pallet lounge in cheerful colors was also set up in cooperation with the residents of the WIM House and flower pots were replanted. An awning now provides shade on hot summer days. Managing Director Patrick Muff was also keen to show his full commitment and lend a hand.

Lechler Social Day - At work: Team roof terrace
WIM roof terrace: hands-on work for the pallet lounge (left) and the dedicated team on the finished, cozy lounge.

The conclusion of the Lechler employees: This day was something very special! It was a "change from the daily work routine to create something that has a benefit beyond the nozzle," reports Lechler employee Roman Haap. A highlight for his colleague Benjamin Walz was "that the WIM House residents lent a hand so diligently". For Lechler employee Markus Astfalk, the teamwork and the so-called "Lechler spirit" was tangible among all participants. There was widespread agreement that the many Lechler helpers had the opportunity to broaden their horizons on this day by changing their perspective and gaining new perspectives on social challenges and solutions. "We are strong as a team" was the message from everyone involved. Lechler's credo is: "By using resources and manpower as a company for charitable purposes, we assume responsibility that goes beyond our immediate economic activities". In addition to the positive feeling of having created visible and sustainable added value, the successful day was rounded off with a joint barbecue.

Lechler Managing Director Patrick Muff (left) with some of the dedicated helpers
Lechler Managing Director Patrick Muff (left) with some of the dedicated helpers

Additional information on the WIM House in Metzingen-Neuhausen:
The WIM House for People was built in 2005 under the sponsorship of Bruderhaus Diakonie. This was also possible because of the unprecedented public support for the project. The special features of the WIM House: people from Metzingen and the surrounding area can live there regardless of the type and severity of their disability. Contact with family and friends is maintained and it is easier to participate in local life.