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A well-designed droplet separator system plays a crucial part in determining the overall efficiency and environmental friendliness of a process. It also minimizes the load on the plant equipment. In order to achieve the best possible results, it is necessary to perform an in-depth analysis of the droplets – from their production through to separation. Our new brochure "Droplet separators for maximum performance" guides you through the topic in a condensed and solution-oriented way.

In order to ensure maximum precision, all aspects of a droplet separator must be exactly defined. Is the material able to continuously withstand the temperatures? Is it also corrosionresistant in aggressive environments? Is the chosen profile suitable for the flow velocity? We find out the answers to these questions by means of detailed calculations and extensive tests in our laboratories.

The result is one of the most comprehensive and flexible ranges of droplet separators. Different separator profiles are available for numerous applications which can be easily integrated into existing installations.

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With its extensive know-how in spray nozzles and separator technology, the Lechler team has developed a wide range of efficient droplet separators for every purpose. We understand each application has its own specific requirements so we work closely with you to develop the optimum solution. We support you with comprehensive consulting services ranging from process analysis to turnkey solutions – to ensure safe, emissions-compliant and reliable plant operation.

Areas of application for droplet separators:

View brochure "Droplet separators for maximum performance"



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