New rotating cleaning nozzle XactClean HP+ from Lechler

Lechler has extended the wide range of spray nozzles for tank and equipment cleaning. After introducing the rotating cleaning nozzle XactClean HP at ACHEMA 2015 Lechler will introduce a technical evolution of this proven cleaning nozzle at ACHEMA 2018.

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The new XactClean HP+ is made for higher flow rates and offers additional power especially for bigger tanks. It is based on the same successful functional principle like the well known XactClean HP. Lechler otpimized its perfomance which results in a better cleaning of big tanks.

The XactClean HP+ closes the gap between static spray balls or free spinning nozzles and cost-intensive, high impact tank cleaning machines. The XactClean HP+ enables the cleaning of tanks and equipment also at higher pressures up to 10 bar. Special flat fan nozzles provide very uniform cleaning with high impact. The robust drive unit enables optimal rotational speed and reliable function even by using contaminated cleaning media. This increases the process reliability.

The high impact of the nozzles enables shorter cleaning and accelerates the overall cleaning process. The XactClean HP+ is made of high quality, food graded materials like stainless steel 1.4404 and PEEK. It can be used in many applications of chemical industry as well as in diverse processes of food and beverage industry.

Lechler presents the new rotating cleaning nozzle at its booth in halle 6.1, booth C39 at Achema 2018 in Frankfurt (June 11 – 15, 2018).