New design of Laval 1AW nozzle

With its new geometric adjustments and revised design, the Laval 1AW nozzle now supports simplified assembly and disassembly. The innovative twin-fluid nozzle, which enables the finest droplet spectra in combination with excellent controllability of the volume flow, is easier to integrate and more flexible to use thanks to its connection to the standardized Lechler adapter.

New design of Laval 1AW nozzle

The Laval 1AW nozzles were specially developed for the injection of ammonia water in DeNOx applications (SCR). With this advanced atomization principle, the atomizing air supplied is divided into a primary and secondary air flow. Due to the specific flow geometry, the secondary air exits through an annular gap, which results in very fine atomization at the edge of the spray jet. The finest droplet spectra, combined with excellent controllability of the volume flow, can thus be achieved.

Simple integration and flexibility

Thanks to the new design, the Laval 1AW nozzles can easily be connected to the standardized Lechler lance adapter. This enables quick and easy assembly - as is already the practice with the proven Laval L0, VarioJet VJ II-3 and KSD 0 (1UR) nozzle series. This flexibility is particularly valuable in trial projects or in the test phase, where different nozzles can easily be exchanged to find the optimum solution for your specific application.

Improved geometry and handling

The new geometric adjustments and the revised design of the Laval 1AW nozzle ensure simplified assembly and disassembly compared to the previous models. The operating parameters in terms of flow rate, pressure and droplet size remain almost unchanged. The excellent control ratio of up to 70:1 enables precise control and coverage of a wide range of injection volumes from 0.005 l/min up to a maximum of 3.5 l/min. The very fine droplet spectrum is perfect for demanding applications such as SCR.

Technical highlights

  • Control ratio: up to 70:1
  • Injection volumes: 0.005 l/min to max. 3.5 l/min
  • Droplet spectrum: Very fine, perfect for SCR applications
  • Connection: Compatible with Lechler standard lance adapters
  • Easy assembly / disassembly: improved geometry and design

Video: Assembly Laval 1AW nozzle

Video: Disassembly Laval 1AW nozzle



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