Seamlessly perfect: Droplet separators from Lechler in non-welding design

Droplet separator modules are normally welded. The resultant weld seam is one of the first weak points in highly corrosive environments. This leads to a shortened service life, more frequent maintenance and avoidable process interruptions.

Lechler Non-Welding Design for droplet separators

With the innovative non-welding design, Lechler offers a different solution. Form-fit connections ensure high stability without any weld seams. Self-locking connecting elements between the individual separator components provide a further advantage. The usual holding-down devices are not required, which additionally increases maintenance friendliness.

Lechler Non-Welding DesignEdge module of the Lechler LTV 400 (left) and middle/rectangular module of the Lechler LTV 400 in non-welding design.
Lechler Non-Welding Design für Tropfenabscheider

The design was developed for vertical-flow droplet separators and can be utilized with all common stainless steel alloys.

This innovative solution has long since proven its suitability in practical use across many industries. The Lechler non-welding design ensures a longer service life and easier maintenance in corrosive environments and many other applications.

Advantages of the Lechler Non-Welding Design

  • Very low susceptibility to corrosion
  • High stability
  • Long service life
  • Available in all stainless alloys


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