Fluid dynamics process simulations

Cleanly calculated.

The project: Washing tower for the treatment of process gases.

Waschturm zur Behandlung von Prozessgasen

The task

Flue gas desulphurisation is one of the best known "gas washing" processes. In addition, there are countless other washing principles such as denitrification or the cleaning of particle-loaded gas flows. However, all washers have one thing in common: By using spray nozzles, the gas treatment should work as efficiently as possible over the shortest path or in the smallest possible space, while at the same time providing sufficient flexibility for all load cases. The flow simulation assists in this case to determine three key factors:

  • Nozzle selection
  • Nozzle arrangement
  • Operating point(s)

Considering your requirements, we determine the optimal washer configuration for each process. A downstream droplet eliminator is mandatory in most washers. Again here, flow simulation can help with a custom design.

The result

  • Optimum use of the available installation space
  • Maximum efficiency when using expensive consumables
  • Energy-efficient pump and blower usage
  • High operational safety
  • High flexibility