Precision spray nozzles for the chemical industry and process industry

Excellent results in almost all applications

Lechler offers thousands of standard nozzles that ensure excellent results in almost all applications in the chemical and process industry. The practice-proven precision nozzles convince by their very good price-performance ratio and short delivery times.


Full cone nozzles – Series 490

  • Non-clogging design
  • Stable spray angle
  • Particularly even spray distribution
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High impact tank cleaning machine – series 5TA / 5TB / 5TM

  • Powerful solid jets - highest impact
  • For persistent soil
  • Robust and proven construction

Free spinning tank cleaning nozzles – series 569

  • Popular and proven
  • Effective flat jets
  • ATEX-approved version

Twin-fluid nozzles – VarioJet

  • Internal mixing
  • Innovative design
  • Very fine droplet spectrum
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Spillback nozzles

  • Fine hollow cone atomization
  • Constant pressure
  • No compressed air
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Twin-fluid nozzles – Laval

  • Fine full cone atomization
  • Droplet size and spectrum can be adapted
  • For high temperatures
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Lechler nozzles and engineered solutions are used in many fields in the chemical industry

Examples of applications in the chemical and process industries

Lechler nozzles and customized systems


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