Fire protection in the shipbuilding industry

Regarding maritime fire protection, nozzles and nozzle systems are used in the following areas of application:

  • Hatch Covers
  • Lifeboats
  • Ship sides
  • Ammunition rooms
  • Helicopter landing decks
Nozzles and systems for fire protection in the shipbuilding industry

Corresponding products

Axial-flow full cone nozzles

Series 490/491

Non-clogging nozzle design with a very stable spray angle, particularly even liquid distribution and large free cross sections.

Applications: Cleaning and washing processes, surface spraying, container cleaning, foam precipitation, degassing ofliquids.

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Tongue-type nozzles

Series 686

Wide flat fan with a short but powerful jet pattern. Particularly clog-proof.

Applications: Window cleaning, NBC protection.

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Deflector-plate nozzles, series 571/500.289

Deflector-plate nozzles

Series 571/500.289

„Uniform, flat and coarse-droplet spray circle. „„Low wind susceptibility, large-area fluid impact. „„Recessed installation.

Application: Cleaning deck surfaces in the event of NBC contamination.

Technical data (pdf, 2.19 MB)

Multiple solid stream nozzles

Series 502/503

„Multiple solid stream nozzles with coarse droplets. „„Low wind susceptibility. „„Large-area impact.

Application: Cleaning NBC contamination on superstructures and objects. The nozzles are also part of the CamouSpray system for cooling superstructures and objects in order to reduce the IR signature. Fire protection, protection against radiation heat.

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Flat fan nozzles

Series 616/617

Uniform, parabolic distribution of liquid. Increased non-clogging features, more jet power, less fog.

Applications: Anchor chain cleaning, rain curtains, reduce heat radiation.

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Deflector-plate nozzles

Series 524/525/500.542

Full cone spray. Non-clogging nozzle without swirl insert.

Applications: Fire fighting and broadcast spraying, wide area spray.

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Full cone nozzles with protection cap, series 400/401

Full cone nozzles with protection cap

Series 400/401

Particularly uniform full cone atomization. The nozzle outlet is protected by a cap against dirt and minor damage. This falls off at a corresponding water pressure and releases the nozzle opening. The protection cap can be optionally secured to prevent loss.

Applications: Fire protection applications in hatch covers and preventive fire protection in cargo holds.

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Deflector-plate nozzle, series 500.393

Deflector-plate nozzle

Series 500.393

Application: Deflector plate nozzles for fire protection on lifeboats.

The nozzle was designed to protect the outer shell of lifeboats against heat and fire. The water film is sprayed backwards so that the shell of the lifeboat is completely wetted and cooled with water. It eliminates the need for complex piping and a large number of nozzles.

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Pop-up foam extinguishing nozzles, series 500.447

Pop-up foam extinguishing nozzles

Series 500.447

Application: Fire protection on landing decks.

The pop-up foam extinguishing nozzle and the rotating pop-up foam extinguishing nozzle meet customer-specific requirements for fire protection on landing decks. The inexpensive alternative with simplified construction (e.g. for hangars) dispenses with the rotation of the three central extinguishing jets.

The rotating pop-up foam extinguishing nozzle is increasing in importance due to the fact that crew levels on ships and unmanned offshore platforms are continuously falling. Specific applications: Helicopter landing platforms on ships (cargo, passenger, navy, yachts), offshore platforms, hospitals. Aircraft hangars, tank farms, special tank cleaning applications.

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Eccentric hollow cone nozzles

Series 302/304

„Uniform hollow cone atomization. „„Clogging-resistant nozzle without swirl inserts.

Application: Sprinkling ammunition rooms on defense ships, fire protection/protection against radiation heat.

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Further applications in the shipbuilding industry

NBC measures (Atomic / Biological / Chemical)

For object protection and surface cleaning.

NBC measures in the shipbuilding industry

Scrubber/Gas Cooling

For urea injection, for gas tanks, exhaust pipes and scrubbers.

Scrubber/gas cooling in the shipbuilding industry


For windows, anchor chains, gray/black water tanks, droplet separators and scrubbers (internal cleaning).

Cleaning in the shipbuilding industry


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