Focus topic: Many control variables for maximum scrubbing efficiency

Efficient scrubbing depends on many factors. At Lechler, we know them all and understand exactly which measures are most likely to achieve the greatest effect.

Focus topic: Scrubbers – Spraying solutions from a single source

We are the only company to offer a complete portfolio of nozzles and droplet separators. Together with services ranging from engineering support to complex CFD calculations, this makes us the No. 1 partner for spray applications in scrubbers.

Lechler spraying solutions from a single source

Lechler spraying solutions from a single sourceprotect downstream components and optimize pressure losses.accelerates reactions, improves separation, optimizes the use of the washing liquid and thanks to suitable materials, guarantees a longer service life with lower maintenance requirements.reduce procurement costs, optimize the coordination between piping and nozzle and reduce operating to optimize processes, identify weak points, minimize pressure losses, reduce operating costs and extend system service life.provides an in-depth understanding of the current system status. This allows to uncover optimization potential, which can cut operating costs and extend the service life of the system.delivers the scrubbing liquid exactly where it is needed. The reaction time is shortened, the need for scrubbing liquid is reduced and the service life of the system is extended..

At Lechler, we see ourselves not just as a component supplier but rather as a solution provider. With our extensive industry and process know-how we contribute to increasing the efficiency of scrubbers and reducing emissions and costs.

Your advantages at a glance

Greater efficiency
Greater efficiency
  • Requirements analysis with our customers
  • Creation of a digital model for flow simulations
Your advantage: more efficient processes.
Reduced energy consumption
Reduced energy consumption
  • Modeling of flow processes in static and dynamic environments
  • Optimization of the scrubbing process through nozzle selection, precise placement and control of the liquid distribution
Your advantage: reduced energy consumption.
Everything from one source
Everything from one source
  • Lechler portfolio: from the first atomization in the nozzle to separation in the droplet separators
  • Optimum coordination between the components
  • Lower procurement costs
Your advantage: further energy savings thanks to lower pressure losses and protection of downstream processes.
100 % reliability
100 % reliability
  • Support from planning to modernization
  • Global presence
Our promise: 100% reliability for the entire system life cycle.

Our new Scrubber brochure: Spraying solutions from a single source

Scrubbers: Spraying solutions from a single source

Our new brochure provides compact and clear information on all aspects of optimum gas scrubbing.

Brochure “Scrubbers – Spraying solutions from a single source”

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