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Selected Lechler Nozzles and Nozzle Systems

Thanks to our high product quality and innovative solutions, we are constantly developing ourselves and our markets. It is not without reason that we are the technological leader in the market for precision nozzles and nozzle systems and number 1 in Europe. We keep our promise "Engineering your spray solution" daily, reliably, competently and worldwide to our customers.

Lechler Produkthighlights

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RS II-3 spillback nozzle

Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) | RS II-3 spillback nozzles

For an atomization without compressed air

Uniform, fine hollow cone liquid atomization over the entire control range with the new generation of Lechler RS II-3 nozzles. Reduction of the required evaporation distance by up to 50% possible.

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Liquid fertilizer nozzle FS

Agriculture | Liquid fertilizer nozzle FS

For optimized lateral distribution during liquid fertilization

Compared to competitive products, the FS multi-orifice nozzle convinces with its optimized lateral distribution. Thanks to the 7° jet deflection it reduces the blasting power and protects the plants – even at high application rates.

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Asymmetrical twin flat spray air-injector nozzles IDTA

Agriculture | Asymmetrical twin flat spray air-injector nozzles IDTA

High drift reduction over entire pressure range

Active substances applied with plant protection equipment should arrive at the target as safely and effectively as possible, without any loss. The IDTA nozzle is the perfect choice for optimized deposition and reduced spray shadow at higher driving speeds.

More Technical data (pdf, 974.40 KB)

Agriculture | DroplegUL

Underleaf spraying system for broadcast and row applications.

DroplegUL is used e. g. for the treatment of underflowers in rape seed. Normally, pesticides are sprayed directly into the flowers with nozzles from above. This is problematic and very controversial as bees, which fly to the flowers after spraying, come into direct contact with the pesticides.

More Technical data (pdf, 729.25 KB)
Static spray ball series 5B2/5B3

Series 5B2/5B3 "RinseClean"

The spray ball design has proven itself in many applications. It can be used in areas with high hygienic requirements and high temperatures. Our "RinseClean" spray ball is available with various slip-on connections, as well as in threaded or welded versions.

More Technical data (pdf, 2.23 MB)

General Industry | VarioSpray nozzle valve systems

Variable atomization of very small liquid volumes

Hydraulic, pulse width modulated nozzle valve systems such as VarioSpray HP and VarioSpray II are the perfect alternative for conventional pneumatic spraying systems that work with compressed air.

More Technical data (pdf, 2.15 MB)
Billetcooler FLEX®

Metallurgy | BilletCooler FLEX

Optimized for secondary cooling in casters

Good cooling is a question of quality. With the Billetcooler FLEX you can solve the challenges of new steel grades, larger formats and more flexible casting speeds in the field of secondary cooling.



Optimized for selective roll cooling

Cool systematically. In cold rolling mills for steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals as well as in aluminium hot rolling mills, SELECTOSPRAY is an indispensable actuator for form control.

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VarioClean® – NOx (heSNCR) insertion system

Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) | VarioClean – NOx (heSNCR) insertion system

The denitrification solution that grows with you.

SNCR concept that reliably ensures compliance with the valid limit values. Depending on the requirements of the legal situation, the modular system VarioClean – NOx can be flexibly upgraded across the three configuration levels Basic, Efficiency and High Efficiency SNCR.

More Technical data (pdf, 218.71 KB)
Droplet Separator Systems

Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) | Droplet Separator Systems

For highest process engineering requirements.

The Lechler droplet separators are optimally matched to the droplets produced during washing and thus achieve the highest separation efficiency.

More Technical data (pdf, 5.22 MB)
TwinAbsorb® nozzle

Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) | TwinAbsorb

Systematic desulphurisation

TwinAbsorb nozzles are double full or double hollow cone nozzles for wet flue gas desulphurisation. Thanks to their innovative technology TwinAbsorb nozzles ensure an efficient flue gas cleaning and reliable SO2 separation.

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