Support for Industrial Technologies

For industrial technology, Lechler offers tools to help you optimize your nozzle application. More effectiveness and efficiency help you to save costs.

Lechler Support General Industry

Lechler support for Industrial Technologies at a glance

Apps and conversion programs

Lechler Industry App and online conversion programs to help you to choose the right nozzle type.

Apps and nozzle calculators

TankClean Software

The software for spray shadow simulation. Perfect planning of tank cleaning. The Lechler TankClean software enables a customized spray shadow simulation.

TankClean Software

Simulations by CFD

The intelligent way to the optimum nozzle application: numerical fluid dynamics (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Simulations using CFD

Cadenas 3D CAD engineering data

Free 3D engineering data of Lechler nozzles and accessories for your engineering work.

Cadenas 3D CAD engineering data

Assembly and maintenance instructions

Assembly and maintenance instructions for our range of industrial nozzles and nozzle systems.

Assembly and manual instructions

Maintenance manual

Systems should work permanently and efficiently. Lechler therefore recommends maintenance after 500 operating hours at the latest. In order to ensure the shortest possible off-time of the systems, Lechler has two offers that guarantee a prompt re-commissioning of container cleaning products.

Maintenance instructions