Pre-treatment and painting systems

Lechler nozzles are an integral part in pre-treatment and painting systems

pre-treatment and painting systemsIn pretreatment and painting systems, water jet cleaning is often employed as an automated process.For this application, Lechler supplies many different nozzles and installation possibilities (see MEMOSPRAY, EasyClip and couplings, spacers and end caps for pipe installation).At the end of a painting line, the components pass through a rinsing zone.

Nozzles for water jet cleaning

  • Use of flat spray nozzles and tongue-type nozzles with eyelet clamps for automated spray jet cleaning.
  • Components are treated in different process steps with different liquids (e.g. aqueous / alkaline solutions, deionised water).
  • Eductor nozzles are also used under water, the purpose of which is to prevent sedimentation.
Düsen und Montagemöglichkeiten für die Vorbehandlung

Nozzles and installation possibilities of pre-treatment

  • Different nozzles available, e.g. MEMOSPRAY or EasyClip.
  • Many different possibilities for pipe mounting such as couplings, spacers or end caps are available.
Düsen für die Spülzone

Nozzles for the rinsing zone

  • Nozzles are used at the end of the painting line to wash off surplus paint particles mechanically
  • This is done according to the cascade principle, i.e. in several stages with increasingly clean rinsing agent until deionised water is used.

Fitting nozzles

Lechler Flachstrahldüsen Baureihe 688/689

Nozzles for water jet cleaning

Series 688/689

Hard, sharp flat fan, narrowly delimited jet pattern. Not prone to clogging.

Applications: Cleaning, washing, degreasing and phosphating, preparation techniques.

Technical data (pdf, 1.72 MB)
Lechler Flachstrahldüsen Baureihe 676/677 MEMOSPRAY®

Installation possibillities of pre-treatment

MEMOSPRAY nozzle system

Maintaining of the adjusted spray direction by the "memory effect". Very easy handling without the need for special tools. Especially pressure resistant pipe connector.

Technical data (pdf, 2.08 MB)
Lechler Easy-Clip-Düsensystem

Easy-Clip nozzle system

Quick and easy assembly with clamp. No tools required. Allround swivelling by 30°. Easy adjustment and cleaning.

Applications: Degreasing, phosphating in surface treatment.

Technical data (pdf, 2.42 MB)


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