Professional rinsing technology

Tasks such as efficient fresh water rinsing in belt dishwashers or washing systems for the cleaning of e.g. rack trolleys used in bakeries are among the tasks of professional rinsing technology. Nozzles play an important role in cleaning in rinsing technology and support almost all application tasks.

Professionelle Spültechnik

Applications | Professional rinsing technology

Reinigung von Stikkenwagen

Cleaning oven racks

  • Washing system for cleaning oven racks used in bakeries, for example.
  • Series 612 PVDF flat fan nozzles for pressing into pipes and series 632 stainless steel flat fan nozzles with a retaining nut and eyelet clamp are used to spray the cleaner onto the racks in foam form.
  • The nozzles are used for rinsing clean in a downstream process.

Conveyor belt dishwashers

  • Flat fan nozzles for pressing into pipes are used for fresh-water rinsing in conveyor belt dishwashers in order to remove any remaining suds from the objects being washed.
  • This requires homogenous water distribution in order to achieve an optimum and constant cleaning result.

Fitting nozzles

Cleaning oven racks | Conveyer belt dishwashers

Series 612

Short design with flat gasket, well applicable e. g. for square tubes. Uniform, parabolic distribution of liquid. Composite spraying nozzles have an extremely uniform total liquid distribution.

Applications: Cleaning installations, cooling headers spray pipes.

Technical data (pdf, 1.85 MB)
Lechler Flachstrahldüsen Baureihe 632/633

Cleaning oven racks

Series 632/633

Standard design with conical, self-sealing thread connection. Stable spray angle. Uniform, parabolical distribution of liquid. Spray pipes equiped with these nozzles show an extremely uniform total distribution of liquid.

Applications: Spray cleaning, surface treatment, filter cleaning, belt cleaning, lubricating, coating.

Technical data (pdf, 1.90 MB)

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