Coating involves the application of a firmly adhering layer of formless material. Whether it is tablet coating, food coating or bottle coating - nozzles ensure optimum coating results everywhere.

  • Tablet coating
  • Coating of food (chips, cereals, fruits, chocolates...)
  • Fluidized bed coating
  • Fluid bed granulation
  • Bottle coating - Anti-scuffing
  • Wax application

Application areas

Photovoltaik und Leiterplattenherstellung

Photovoltaic and printed circuit boards industry

Nozzles are used in several, sensitive manufacturing steps. In the production of printed circuit boards, this takes place in a variety of photosensitive, mechanical and chemical processes.

Printed circuit board manufacture
Product treatment

Product treatment

In the product treatment phase, process steps that use nozzle technology include gentle product cleaning, the powerful cleaning of production facilities, the spraying on of release agents or coatings, spray drying, and cooling. The key quality criteria for selecting nozzles are precision and efficiency.

Product treatment


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