Basics of nozzle technology

Nozzles are used in a wide variety of applications. Therefore nozzles have to meet a lot of different requirements. One of those requirements is applying the right spray pattern for a specific application.

Grundlagen der Düsentechnik

The process of generating spray patterns

A nozzles spray-characteristics are basically influenced by the following factors:

  • Geometric design of the nozzle outlet
  • Medium properties (specifc gravity, viscosity)
  • Internal geometry (swirl part, swirl chamber)
  • Supply of the medium (axial- or tangential flow)
Overview of different nozzle typesOverview of different nozzle types

Atomization methods, spray patterns and nozzle functions


Atomization methods

Atomization methods are basically devided into hydraulic and pneumatic atomization.

Atomization methods

Spray character

The classification of the nozzles according to their spray pattern helps you to decide which (spray) character goes with you.

Spray Character

Nozzle functions

Overview of the most important functional and operating data of a nozzle.

Nozzle functions
Lechler Droplet Separator Systems

Droplet Separator Systems – Functional Principle

Reduce residual pollutant contents and improve process engineering.

Droplet Separators – Functional Principle
Droplet separators –Installation-ready components

Droplet Separator Systems – Installation-ready components

Tanks and housings, support constructions, and other separator components as well as cleaning nozzles for a good droplet separator environment.

Droplet Separators – Installation-ready components