Droplet separation in the paper industry

For the optimization of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important competitive factor in the paper industry. In particular, optimized processing and re-use of chemicals can achieve significant cost reductions.

Droplet separation in the Paper industry

Efficient droplet separators play a crucial part in chemical recovery of the raw materials used. Optimized separation elements make it possible to achieve excellent separation performance even under conditions with high steam loads. We will gladly advise you.

Droplet separation in an evaporator“Cake Piece” separator (left) and horizontal flow separator (right) in an evaporator.

Droplet separation in the paper industry in practice


  • Black lye evaporation
  • Recovery of chemicals
  • Scrubbers


  • Highest degrees of separation for large liquid quantities
  • Separation of small droplets
  • Compact design even for high gas velocities
  • Low pressure losses


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