Lechler quality test

Effective and flexible test planning

To ensure the most diverse requirements for our products, we plan our quality tests for in-house production and incoming goods.

Quality test software

Software for quality test

We use a quality management software for the flexible test planning and process monitoring.

The most modern test techniques

Our quality control uses state-of-the-art test techniques, such as the CNC measuring machine, a programmable measuring projector, a roundness measuring machine, a hardness test device and material test devices based on spectroscopy and the X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF).

Of course, all test benches of Lechler Messtechnik and measuring equipment are used for the incoming, intermediate and final tests. Here for example, flow value, spray angle or liquid distribution are determined and documented.

Lechler acceptance test certificate

When requested by a customer we produce test certificates, e.g. according to DIN EN 10204 - 3.1 on the required characteristics, such as dimensions, materials, and spray parameters.

For this purpose, a team of qualified and authorised quality testers (acceptance officers) are available who are independent of our production.