Measuring technology

Exact measurements for clearly defined spray characteristics

At Lechler, we attach great importance to the right nozzle measurement technology. Only the reliable detection of all functional parameters can turn a nozzle into a precision nozzle. This is the reason that we operate a large number of test benches, which are tailored to the respective field of application of our products. This allows us to document the parameters relevant to the particular nozzle application helping us to develop the optimal nozzle. For our customers this means: time savings, cost reduction and planning security.

Lechler Messtechnik

Nozzles are used in many different applications. This results in various requirements for the nozzles. One of these requirements is the right spray form suitable for the respective procedural process. Our technological capabilities in our in-house laboratories and facilities, allows us to perform accurate measurements to optimize nozzles and improve their efficiency.

Spray forms and technological possibilities

Lechler Spraycharakterisierung

Spray characterizing

Tailor-made sprays for specific applicationsSpray characterizing
Lechler Labor und Einrichtungen

Laboratory and facilities

High-tech in our own facilities – the Lechler development and technology centreLaboratory and facilities