Droplet Separators – Installation-ready components

In order to achieve optimum separation performance, droplet separators must also be mechanically integrated into the respective environment in the best possible way. Lechler provides the components needed for this according to customers' specifications.

Droplet Separators – Installation-ready components

Overview of installation-ready components

Installation-ready components for droplet separators – tanks and housings

Tanks and housings

Tanks and housings are manufactured by Lechler according to individual customer specifications. The housing design is important for the proper functioning of the separator. In order to avoid malfunctions due to incorrect flow routing, Lechler specifies the most important dimensions for every droplet separator. Of course, Lechler also implements complete solutions tailored to individual needs.

The requirements for flow routing also apply to tanks. As for housings, Lechler provides the most important dimensions for own tanks or produces a safe and convenient complete package. The corresponding design code (AD2000, ASME, Selo etc.) is stipulated by the customer and applied corresponding to customer's specification.

Installation-ready components for droplet separators – support construction

Support construction

More complex support structures are often needed when droplet separators are installed in tanks. For this reason, Lechler specifies the most important dimensions. Supports are possible for one or more separator frames.

Picture: Arrangement of four droplet separators in a pressure tank

Installation-ready components for droplet separators – support construction – other separator components

Other separator components

Depending on application, additional separator components such as inlets, half-pipes or baffle plates may be needed. The Lechler Team gladly advises and supports on design and realization.

Picture: Pressure tank with an inlet device for separation of surge liquids

For clean results in the long term: Lechler cleaning nozzles

Gas flows with a high dust load can lead to deposits and caking even in flow-optimized designs, and this can impair the efficiency of the droplet separators. In order to guarantee availability in continuous operation even under difficult conditions, it is recommended to install a cleaning system.

Cyclical spraying of the droplet separators with full cone nozzles has proven itself particularly suitable here – ideally with nozzles mounted to the front and rear of the droplet separators. With comparatively little effort, it is therefore possible to increase operating reliability, avoid encrustations and guarantee optimum efficiency in the long term.

The Lechler Team supports in configuring a suitable cleaning system. Suitable nozzles for every application are also available from our comprehensive range of full cone nozzles.

Installation-ready components for droplet separators – support construction – cleaning nozzlesDroplet separator for vertical gas flow, Type LTV 400 (top right) and cleaning system for droplet separators (bottom right).


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