Focus topic: High pressure tank cleaning with PressureClean

Cleaning with high pressure. With the PressureClean, Lechler is now expanding its portfolio of tank cleaning nozzles to include a high pressure tank cleaning machine. Thanks to the PressureClean, the most persistent soiling can be removed from small tanks with low water consumption.

Focus topic: High-pressure tank cleaning

PressureClean – High performance thanks to sophisticated technology

The PressureClean ranks in cleaning efficiency class 5 and shines with an IP-65 certified motor housing. The high pressure tank cleaning machine is characterized by high-quality materials (stainless steel 316 L, EPDM, PTFE with graphite, PEEK and ceramic). A clamp connection in accordance with DIN 32676 (TriClamp) forms the interface to the tank.

Lechler PressureClean

Key features of the new PressureClean at a glance

  • Intensive cleaning with little water and high pressure
  • Perfect for small tanks with the most persistent soiling
  • Maximum cleaning effect thanks to precise full jets
  • Efficient, high-torque and reliable 24 V motor
  • Robust, IP-65 certified housing of the drive unit
  • High corrosion resistance of the high-pressure lance with spray head
  • Recommended operating pressure: 100 bar

Functional properties

The PressureClean is driven by a reliable, economical 24 V geared motor. The drive unit is housed in a robust, IP 65-certified housing, which – like the water connection – is located outside the tank. The recommended operating pressure is 100 bar, although the PressureClean can also be operated at up to 200 bar.

PressureClean Adapter für IBC-Behälter

PressureClean adapter for IBC containers

IBC containers can also be perfectly cleaned with the PressureClean. Lechler offers a special adapter for this purpose, so that the PressureClean can also be used as a mobile solution for cleaning IBCs. Here, the low weight of the PressureClean is an advantage.

Sinner's circle

More mechanics – less costs – less time

According to the Sinner's circle, the use of the PressureClean significantly increases the proportion of mechanics compared to conventional low-pressure high impact tank cleaning machines. Due to the higher pressure, a comparable result is achieved with significantly less use of time, temperature or chemicals (cleaning agents).

Soiling of small tanks that do not necessarily require high-pressure cleaning and can alternatively be cleaned with low-pressure tank cleaners, can be removed with the PressureClean using less water and/or less cleaning agent, thus saving costs.

The new PressureClean in action

Lechler PressureClean product variety

Pure product variety: 3 lance lengths – 3 power sizes

Lance lengths (L2) PressureClean:

  • 250 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 889 mm with adjustable flange

Power sizes PressureClean:

  • 10 l/min @ 100 bar  – 5TP.469.1Y.XX
  • 20 l/min @ 100 bar  – 5TP.589.1Y.XX
  • 30 l/min @ 100 bar  – 5TP.659.1Y.XX

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