Fit through spring and early summer with the two-nozzle strategy in plant protection

The two-nozzle strategy helps you to achieve maximum control efficacy, as the advantages of the flat spray nozzle are combined with those of the twin flat spray nozzle. The result is optimum crop penetration and deposition without spray shadows. 

Focus topic: The Lechler two-nozzle strategy

To help you achieve optimum crop protection for your cereals in the future, we have summarized all the facts about the two-nozzle strategy at a glance below.

Our flat spray nozzles ID, IDK, IDKN

  • Very good crop penetration (e.g. fungicide, growth regulator)
  • Low risk of clogging
  • High drift reduction
  • Short trajectory to the target area
  • High radiance
  • Ideal for combined application of crop protection products and UAN pure
Flat spray nozzle ID3

Flat spray nozzle ID3

Air-Injector flat spray nozzles ID3

Air-injector flat spray nozzles ID3
Flat spray nozzle IDK

Flat spray nozzle IDK

Air-injector flat spray compact nozzles IDK

Air-injector flat spray compac nozzles IDK
Flat spray nozzle IDKN

Flat spray nozzle IDKN

Air-injector flat spray compact nozzles IDKN

Air-injector compact flat spray nozzles IDKN

Our twin flat spray nozzles IDKT & IDTA

  • Optimum coverage and deposition on vertical target surfaces (spike, flag leaf)
  • Minimization of spray shadows (e.g. under clods)
  • Two specially aligned flat jets to the front and rear in the direction of travel
  • High drift reduction
  • Herbicide pre- and post-emergence treatment
  • Good accumulation in open canopy
  • Ideal for ear and flower treatments
 Twin flat spray nozzle IDKT

Twin flat spray nozzle IDKT

Symmetrical twin flat spray air-injector compact nozzles IDKT

Symmetrical TWIN flat spray air-Injector compact nozzles IDKT
Twin flat spray nozzle IDTA

Twin flat spray nozzle IDTA

Asymmetrical twin flat spray air-injector nozzles IDTA

Asymmetrical twin flat spray air-injector nozzles IDTA

The plus of the two-nozzle strategy

The IDK and IDKT series have an ideal pressure range of 2 - 3 bar and should always be your first choice if the driving speed and application rates are predominantly constant. With these two nozzles you achieve good coverage and are safe from damage with open/older booms without nozzle protection.

The ID3 and IDTA series are suitable for a pressure level of 3 - 8 bar. Due to the wide pressure range, the nozzle combination can be used quite flexibly in terms of application rates and driving speeds. The droplet spectrum changes relatively little. This is advantageous if application is also required in unfavorable conditions (wind, high temperature, low humidity).

Benefit from our two-nozzle strategy

Find out more about our two-nozzle strategy in the video and start with optimum plant protection today.


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