75th birthday of Prof. Walter H. Lechler

December 12, 2017 was a special day for Prof. Walter H. Lechler: He celebrated his 75th birthday not only in the private sphere, but also together with the approximately 300 employees at the location in Metzingen.

Prof. Walter H. Lechler feiert seinen 75. Geburtstag Prof. Walter H. Lechler (2.v.r.) erhält von Mitgeschäftsführer Guido Kunzmann originalgetreue Nachbildungen der ersten beiden Lechler-Düsen aus dem Jahr 1913. Dieter Hauswirth, Vorstand der Lechler-Stiftung (2.v.l) und Stefan Wolf, Vorstandsvorsitzender von Elring Klinger (rechts) gratulierten als Redner.

The musical prelude to the reception in the company premises was made by the teacher brass ensemble of the Musikschule Metzingen. Guido Kunzmann, Managing Director of Lechler, then spoke on behalf of all employees. He paid tribute to Mr. Lechler as a special person who shapes the company's culture and values like no other. Reliability, trust, social commitment, generosity and humour – to name but a few: From the employees' point of view, these are characteristics that distinguish Mr. Lechler.

A special gift came from the staff: authentic replicas of the first two Lechler nozzles from 1913, made on the basis of historical drawings from that time.

Instead of the usual shaking of innumerable hands of the congratulators, Mr. Lechler's wish was replaced by a common "Happy Birthday". This saves time and you can concentrate more on celebrating, Lechler said.

Dr. Stefan Wolf, CEO of ElringKlinger AG, congratulated on behalf of all employees of the Dettingen-based automotive supplier. He has known Mr. Lechler for 20 years now, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and majority shareholder. Dieter Hauswirth, director of the Lechler Foundation and former Metzinger Mayor, also paid tribute to Mr. Lechler in humorous poetry.

Last but not least, the birthday child himself spoke out and briefly recalled the historical and social events of the last seven decades. And that's where a lot of things come together. The businessman Berthold Leibinger has written a book entitled "Who wanted a time other than this?" and Lechler emphasized "I can only agree with that.

At the following lunch and social gathering Mr. Lechler had to shake one or the other hand. He did this with joy and had an open ear for every congratulator. Just as the employees have been accustomed to by their boss for many decades.