Hose drop 5S

The new hose drop 5S from Lechler represents a new concept for late stage liquid fertilizing. Plant production aspects are considered as well as sprayer needs.

Hose drop 5S

From the view of plant production in the late stages avoiding scorch at flag leaf and ear are the main focus. By the good balanced weight of the 5-hole tip the drop hose goes deep into the canopy. As the five streams are oriented forward the effective spray goes downward in relation to the deflection of the hose. The more deflection the more vertical the spray is oriented. Results from two years field trials with a big liquid fertilizer company have proofed the concept.

A big benefit is the flexible but resistant hose. When folding the boom – either vertical or horizontal - the hose adapts without problems to tanks, mudguards and other obstacles without extra work. Below the 5 orifices there is an extension for keeping minimum distance to the ground. This piece is also covered by rubber hose to avoid any damage at painted parts of the sprayer when boom is folded. Especially at wider booms the 0,5m spacing reduces the force caused by the resistance from the hoses dipping into the canopy almost half compared to the traditional 0,25m spacing.

Standard equipment for the hose drop 5S is a MULTIJET connection. So the hose can be assembled direct to the nozzle body. By selection of the dosing orifice the spray rate can be adjusted from 80 to 250 l/ha UAN or liquid fertilizer.