Importance of Tank Cleaning in Breweries

Tank Cleaning - An Important process in Brewing Industry

Tank Cleaning In Breweries

Beer has been an important and go to beverage for drinkers in India. With wide varieties of beer being available in the market the competition to deliver top quality product is very important to stay at the top. Strict guidelines for CIP process in brewing process is not limited to top breweries, but also has extended to various microbreweries across the country. Taste and quality of the final product can easily beat the advertisements, thus showcasing the importance of brewing process.  

Cleaning of brewing tanks is an important aspect that needs to be considered by every Brewery owner / Process Manager. Static spray heads are simple and relatively carry less efficiency when compared with more advanced tank cleaning machines, however, and while they may be enough to get you started they soon show their limitations in any growing brewery operation. Efficient tank cleaning solution that can deliver better and more consistent brewery hygiene is an aspect for these stakeholders to churn upon.

Lechler’s advanced tank cleaning machines have shown fervor wrestling away the entire competition with sheer quality and efficiency of advanced technology and operating mechanism, a thing that gets ours machine going.

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Controlled rotation
Controlled rotationThe rotating head is driven by the fluid. A turbine wheel with an internal gear is used to control the rotation. This ensures that the speed remains in the optimum range even at higher pressures. The droplets produced are larger and strike the tank wall at higher speed. These rotating cleaning nozzles thus achieve an even higher impact which is especially for large tanks important.
Gear Controlled
Gear ControlledThe cleaning fluid drives an internal gear by means of a turbine wheel so that the spray head rotates by two axes. The solid jet nozzles mounted on the spray head produce powerful jets. These jets sweep the entire tank surface in a pre-programmed, model-specific pattern during a spray cycle. This requires a certain minimum time. These models generate the highest impact and are therefore ideal for very large tanks and the toughest cleaning tasks.


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