Lechler cleaner series for cleaning the inside of containers and tanks

From pesticide canisters to large spray tanks – the Lecher cleaner series provides the perfect solution for every application.

Lechler cleaner series CanCleaner, ContiCleaner, WallCleaner (from left to right)

The canisters of plant protection products should be cleaned thoroughly and quickly after the induction hopper of the sprayer has been filled with pesticides. The cleaning performance of the CanCleaner is virtually double that of the canister cleaning nozzles currently available on the market. The narrow jet of 35° and the increased flow rate enable extremely stubborn sediment on the bottom of the canister to be removed efficiently. This significantly reduces how long it takes to fill the sprayer, giving users more time for the application.

The CanCleaner is a self-powered rotating cleaner with ball bearings and flat spray nozzles. The two lateral and one upward-facing flat spray nozzles are directed towards the area of the canister to be cleaned and cover a total spray angle of 300°. The recommended pressure range is between 2 and 3 bar. The CanCleaner is made from plastic (POM), meaning it is resistant to common pesticides and liquid fertilizers. The ISO color-coded cleaner head enables users to identify the nozzle size at a glance. It is extremely important that spray tanks in crop protection equipment are continuously cleaned on the inside. More and more new parts are being fitted with this cleaning mechanism ex works. However, since residues can be removed relatively quickly and thoroughly from field sprayers, it is also worthwhile retrofitting existing crop protection equipment.

The required number of inner cleaning nozzles depends on the shape of the spray tank and the presence of any other components such as surge plates in the tank. When determining this, it is essential to make sure that all areas of the spray tank are reached and that there are no “blind spots”.

Lechler has developed the ContiCleaner series for the continuous internal cleaning of spray tanks on sprayers. For the first time, the tank cleaning nozzles are labelled by nozzle size and color coded in accordance with ISO standard 10625. The series comprises four sizes: 12, 25, 30 and 60. At a pressure of 3 bar, flow rates of 5, 10, 12 and 25 l/min can be achieved. The rotating cleaner features a slide bearing and is self-powered. What’s more, the different fluorinated thermoplastics used in the rotating cleaner and connector ensure the equipment starts up easily. The ContiCleaner is resistant to chemicals and boasts a robust design. The rotational cleaning process is performed using flat spray nozzles and the system achieves 360° overall coverage in the spray tank.

The user-friendly WallCleaner provides improved user protection and prevents the formation of residues during the internal cleaning of induction hoppers. The wall surfaces of the induction hoppers are even cleaned up to under the edge. As a result of the rotating liquid flow, the WallCleaner ensures that premixing already takes place during induction, allowing for the lump-free induction of powder plant protection products.

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