Lechler wins 3rd prize of the Environmental Technology Award 2017

Since the middle of July 2017, Lechler is now also officially part of the innovation leaders in environmental technology in Baden-Württemberg. With the denitrification system VarioClean - NOx, Lechler has successfully participated at the Environmental Technology Award 2017 in the category "Technology for the Reduction, Treatment and Separation of Emissions”.

Environmental Technology Award 2017 Award Ceremony for the Environmental Technology Award 2017 with Secretary of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg Mr. Franz Untersteller (2nd f.l.) giving the award to Mr. Walter H. Lechler (left), Dr. Ullrich Speer and Mrs. Janine Keune.

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy Economics has been awarding the environmental technology award since 2009. In a two-year cycle, products that make a significant improvement to resource efficiency and environmental protection are honored. The award is distributed among the four categories "Energy Efficiency", "Material Efficiency", "Emission Reduction, Treatment and Separation" as well as "Measurement and Control Technology, Industry 4.0".

On 13 July 2017, the Minister of the Environment, Franz Untersteller handed over the award to the winners in Fellbach. "Companies at our high-tech location in Baden-Württemberg are facing the challenge of dealing with scarce resources and at the same time developing and producing environmentally competitive products. With the Environmental Technology Award, the state of Baden-Württemberg recognizes innovative solutions that show economic action and sustainability are not a contradiction," explained Environment Minister Franz Untersteller. Together with a specialist jury, he determined the award winners and the nominated companies from the applications.

Detailed information on the denitrification system VarioClean - NOx can be found here.