The former managing director of Lechler GmbH in Metzingen, Guido Kunzmann, has passed away at the age of 55 after a long-term illness.

Guido Kunzmann

After studying aerospace engineering and gaining initial professional experience in external sales, Guido Kunzmann started his career at Lechler in December 1997 as an area sales manager in the export department.

With his profound expert knowledge, excellent English skills and his enthusiasm for other cultures, he traveled the Asian world in particular and obtained new customers, sales representatives and orders for Lechler. Starting in 2002, the managing partner, Prof. Walter H. Lechler, commissioned him to establish a subsidiary in China.

The starting signal with the foundation of the company in 2004 was the beginning of a long success story of Lechler in China, which continued with the foundation of a production company in 2008 and the restructuring of the Chinese company with the new location in Jintan.

As global division manager, Guido Kunzmann was responsible for the Industrial Nozzles Division as of 2005. In 2010, Prof. Lechler then appointed him Managing Director and managed the company side by side with him. In the years that followed, Mr. Kunzmann was responsible for continuously more divisions and was given complete operational responsibility for the Lechler Group.

As Managing Director, he made decisions with foresight, empathy, perseverance and strength of character. In doing so, however, he always involved the affected divisions, managers and employees and delegated tasks and handed over responsibility with a great deal of trust.

With the knowledge of his incurable illness, Guido Kunzmann, with great foresight and personal renunciation, resigned from his position as Managing Director at the end of 2021 and handed over to the current management in an orderly manner.

He created the prerequisites for the successful and humane continuation of Lechler GmbH and the Lechler Group worldwide in the spirit of Prof. Lechler, who passed away in 2018. As an advisor, he was at the side of the management to the last.

Guido Kunzmann has left many traces at Lechler. He has accompanied numerous employees over a long period of time: as a mentor, manager and advisor, as a colleague, companion and friend.

Mr. Kunzmann was also always an approachable contact person for the environment of Lechler GmbH in Metzingen. For example, he had many contacts with the city administration in the context of numerous construction projects of the company. He was also a regular participant in the Metzingen Business Talks and exchanged ideas with the managers of the Metzingen companies.

In the annual press briefing, Mr. Kunzmann always informed the local daily newspapers with openness and transparency about the economic situation of the Metzingen-based nozzle manufacturer, which under his aegis has developed into one of the most attractive and reliable employers in the Erms Valley and beyond.

Guido Kunzmann left behind his wife and daughter.