With ITR nozzle and 95% drift reduction against spotted wing drosophila

Lechler GmbH and the crop protection company Syngenta have developed an application process in 2017 with an ITR nozzle that reduces drift in viticulture to a minimum. This enables the use of special insecticides against the spotted wing drosophila with maximum protection of beneficial insects.

The ITR nozzle 80-01 C is an injector hollow cone nozzle which produces a droplet spectrum from extremely coarse to coarse and works with extremely low drift (95%). "During development, we focused primarily on the practical control of the spotted wing drosophila in viticulture," says Jens Luckhard, Head of Application Technology Central Europe at Syngenta. "The reduction of drift to a minimum now makes it possible to approve certain insecticides that were previously not possible."

After an elaborate test program, the ITR nozzle 80-01 C has now been included in the current JKI directory of loss-reducing devices. This enables winegrowers to apply insecticides in the grape zones in viticulture by simply changing the nozzles, while complying with the drift reduction class 95 %.