Lechler SCALEMASTER ECO+ – A new level in descaling

With the new Lechler SCALEMASTER ECO+, green steel becomes reality: Its innovative concept offers additional options for improving surface quality and opens up options for optimizing energy efficiency and costs as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The new SCALEMASTER ECO+ isn't just a new kind of descaling nozzle. It's a whole new descaling nozzle concept – with three outstanding user benefits. With its innovative Booster design, the SCALEMASTER ECO+ sets new impact records for descaling nozzles. Offering additional standard offset angle options when battling surface striping, Lechler is once again the leader in high pressure descaling.

SCALEMASTER ECO+ – The 3 advantages of the new descaling concept

Higher Impact

The new Booster with integrated filter offers more impact than ever and thus added potential in terms of surfacequality and energy savings.

  • Patented multi-channel design for highest impact
  • Rigid design for roughest system conditions
  • Made from stainless steel for long service life
  • Integrated fine filter for clogging-free and safe operation

Elimination of Wash-Out Effect

Additional offset angles result in a more uniform impact distribution over the entire width and minimize striping caused by the Wash-Out Effect.

  • Stripe-free descaling across the entire width
  • The only descaling nozzle family available with standardized offset angles
  • Individual overlap study on request

Alternative descaling header designs

The new nozzle bracket for better spray header designs stands for a revolutionary spray headers concept. Individual bolted nozzle brackets allow for narrower nozzle spacing, more flexible spray header designs, and longer service life.

  • Bolted, self-aligning brackets
  • Individually replacable brackets
  • Minimum nozzle pitch of 40 mm
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • "Plug & Spray" solution with all nozzle components from a single source

Enhancing sustainability with SCALEMASTER ECO+
Enhancing sustainability with SCALEMASTER ECO+

The virtual nozzle experience of the new SCALEMASTER ECO+

Navigate through our virtual SCALEMASTER ECO+ showroom and interactively learn all the technical details of the new descaling concept on your virtual tour. In the showroom, all information is available for you to download directly at the POI. Drop by – the SCALEMASTER ECO+ showroom is open 24/7.

Lechler Showroom SCALEMASTER ECO+

Experience the Lechler SCALEMASTER ECO+ showrooom