Liquid fertilization – Save costs at the edge!

In 2023, application of fertilizers to arable crops will again be allowed in many countries from January 31. Fertilizer prices are still at a high level. Though a minimal price drop was recently recorded due to the decline in gas prices. Therefore, the focus in the new year will again be on accurate, uniform and precise distribution of fertilizer up to the field boundary in order to save fertilizer and thus costs.

Liquid fertilization - Save costs at the edge!

Why liquid fertilizer?

In general, liquid fertilizer allows exact dosage, distribution and application as needed. "Precision farming" is therefore no longer a foreign word in the field of liquid fertilization. With the help of N-sensors, site-specific fertilization can be realized.

In times of high fertilizer prices and strict distance requirements, the precise application of liquid fertilizer takes on a major role. According to Fertilizer Ordinances, no direct input is allowed onto neighbouring / sensitive areas - especially natural habitats worthy of protection. The precise application with liquid fertilizer nozzles or drop hoses prevents the underfertilization of the outer 10 m. This underfertilization is visible in the form of "hunger stripes" and the associated loss of yield, which is otherwise frequently observed with fertilizer spreaders.

Border sharp applicationBorder sharp application offers advantages for the environment and own revenues.

What are the advantages of liquid fertilization?

From an economic point of view:

  • Application with the field sprayer results in high area output
  • Application of liquid fertilizer in combination with crop protection products saves valuable time and operations
  • Increase effectiveness during periods of high output

From a technical point of view:

  • When switching to liquid fertilizer application, existing field  sprayers can be used
  • With liquid fertilizer containers optimal stocking and quick availability is possible

Which nozzle for exact dosage of liquid fertilizer in spring?

Lechler FD liquid fertilizer nozzle

FD liquid fertilizer nozzle

The Lechler FD nozzle represents the all-rounder of the liquid fertilizer nozzles. It convinces with a plant-friendly liquid fertilizer application thanks to its extremely low jet power. In addition, there is only a minimal risk of burns due to the extremely coarse droplet application. The special design of the FD nozzle prevents streaking due to optimum lateral distribution and is therefore also particularly suitable for N-stabilized liquid fertilizers.

FD liquid fertilizer nozzle product information

Lechler VR liquid fertilizer nozzle with variable flow rate

VR liquid fertilizer nozzle with variable flow rate

VR nozzles are predestined for site-specific fertilization, so that e.g. N-stabilized or low N-content liquid fertilizer can also be applied well. The VR nozzle is based on the design of the FD nozzle. In addition to the advantages of the FD nozzle, the VR nozzle impresses with its variable flow rate, which covers up to five ISO FD nozzle sizes. This enables a higher area output without changing nozzles. Flexible application at changing driving speeds and precision farming applications is guaranteed.

VR liquid fertilizer nozzle product information

Lechler FB liquid fertilizer border nozzle

FB liquid fertilizer border nozzle

The new Lechler FB liquid fertilizer border nozzle is the ideal extension to the FD series for applying liquid fertilizer along field border with a sharp edge. Available in sizes 02 to 08, the FB nozzle has an asymmetrically arranged 100° flat spray. In combination, a 100% even distribution of the liquid fertilizer is achieved up to the edge of the field - resource-efficient and economically sensible in order to exploit the crop's yield potential even in the border area.

In accordance with Fertilizer Ordinances, the FB liquid fertilizer border nozzle does not apply fertilizer beyond the field border area. The edge waste often observed in agricultural practice (e.g. with the classic centrifugal fertilizer spreader) in the form of hunger stripes is also effectively avoided. Liquid fertilizer border nozzles thus counteract underfertilization in the border area and reduce yield losses.

Economically, FB liquid fertilizer nozzles pay off with increasing field margins. For example, by using an FB edge nozzle, 759 l of UAN can actually be saved on a 30 km stretch of field edge at an application rate of 424 l of UAN/ha.

FB liquid fertilizer border nozzle product information


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