The new Lechler DryMASTER series: One unique concept, hundreds of applications

The Lechler DryMASTER was specifically designed as a modular series in order to cover different applications with as much interchangeability as possible, guarantee easy maintainability and yet achieve the best atomization results.

DryMASTER series

Nozzle mastery for the spray drying industry

The focus is on the swirl chambers and orifice discs. Over 900 combinations are available, among them the one that suits your process perfectly.

Using the very latest technological advances and manufacturing techniques in tungsten carbide production, our DryMASTER series not only leads the market in precision engineering, but also in wear life – maintaining critical performance dimensions for longer.

DryMASTER food safety

For a safe and healthy production

Designed with the food and drug industries in mind, Lechler’s DryMASTER series has achieved EU1935/2004 and is both FDA and GB4806 compliant. Choosing Lechler means choosing a safe, hygienic product.

The Lechler DryMASTER series has proven its value in co-current, counter current and mixed flow dryers to produce powders such as whey, whole milk, skim milk, protein concentrate, infant formula, chemicals, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Benefits of the DryMASTER series

  • Superior wear life: Process-specific materials providing greater resistance to abrasion and chemical attack.
  • Rapid maintenance: Hand tight design with engineered geometry making it easier to clean and service without any tooling.
  • Versatility: Many build options and accessories to support a wide range of processes.
  • High pressure integrity: Tested up to 690 bar (10,000 psi).
  • Compatibility: Hassle-free swap out with other nozzle brands.
  • Value for money: Competitive pricing for a longer lasting improved product.
  • High availability: Most sizes ex stock or from blank, meaning delivery within days.
Spray pattern Lechler DryMASTERSpray pattern Lechler DryMASTER
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