The proven Lechler AD 90 series – now even better in a new design

The AD 90 as a high-quality flat fan ceramic nozzle for fruit and wine growing, convinces users with a flexible droplet spectra. If necessary, a high drift reduction is achieved; at higher pressure, the spray pattern is medium to fine. With the new design, the AD 90 is now even easier to handle in terms of mounting in the sprayer as well as maintenance and cleaning.

The series of AD 90 flat fan nozzles in the new design with a flat, twist-proof orifice is extremely easy to maintain and can be dismantled easily for cleaning without the need for tools. The previous design with a "hat-shaped" insert is replaced by the new construction.

AD 90 nozzle with tool-free removable pre-atomizer (center) and AD 90 functional drawing (right).

In sizes 0067 – 04, the nozzle convinces many users with its flexible droplet spectra. Especially with powder-formulations of pesticides, often used in organic farming, the AD 90 is very robust in regard to blockages. Mixtures that are difficult to spray are reliably applied thanks to the higher flow velocity in the nozzle, and finer spraying can be deliberately carried out at 7 to 12 bar – ideal for contact mode of action. If a high drift reduction is required, the nozzle achieves up to 90% drift reduction in orchards and vineyards with less pressure depending on the sprayer/fan used.

Advantages of the AD 90 anti-drift flat spray nozzles

  • Very compact design
  • Flexible droplet sizes, from low drift to fine
  • Low risk of clogging due to high flow velocity
  • Ideal for sensor control or PWM
  • Quick start-up/shut-down of spray pattern


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