Flood nozzles FT 90
Flood nozzles FT 90, engineering drawing
Flood nozzles FT 140
Flood nozzles FT 140, engineering drawing
Flood nozzles FT 90, explosion visualization
Flood nozzles FT, functional drawing


Nozzle size
Nozzle size01 – 20
Spray angle
Spray angle90°, 140°
MaterialPOM, stainless steel
Pressure range
Pressure rangeFT 90: 1 – 9 – 6 bar; FT 140: 1 – 2 – 3 bar
Recommended filters
Recommended filters80 M 01, 60 M 015 – 04, 25 M 05 – 20
Droplet size
Droplet sizeVery coarse – fine
Threaded cap
Threaded capØ 12.65 mm

Application areas

Plant protection products and growth regulators
Backpack sprayer
Band spraying FT 90


  • „„Compact design
  • Large, round flow cross-sections
  • „Self cleaning of jet forming area
  • Jet build-up already from 1 bar
  • Non-clogging nozzle for gentle application of nematodes and compost tea
  • FT 90 high drift reduction thanks to integrated pre-chamber
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